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4 Reasons Why I Switched to Flodesk from Convertkit


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Girlfriend, the days of sacrificing function for pretty and feeling anxious about paying more when you go over the 2000 subscriber mark are over. There’s a new kid on the block of email marketing and its name is: Flodesk.

It’s a new email marketing tool that helps creatives design gorgeous email campaigns and newsletters. Flodesk literally impressed me so much, I started switching my stuff over from Convertkit in all of 5 minutes of logging in. No joke. Just logging in for a few minutes to “just check it out” blew me away. When your free trial only lasts 5 minutes, you know it’s good.

Flodesk is a brand new email marketing tool. While they’re still working on releasing new features on the daily, I still prefer them over other tools that have been in the email marketing game longer. – i.e. Convertkit

Here’s why I decided to switch to Flodesk from Convertkit and never look back…

Reason #1

Easy to use interface.

Flodesk has a clean, minimalist interface which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. I have used Convertkit, Mailchimp, and Mailerlite.

Flodesk’s interface is by far the easiest to navigate, use, and understand, right from the moment you log in.

When you first log in, you’re able to see all of the emails you’ve written whether they be scheduled, sent, a draft, or archived. You can even name the campaign different from what the subject line of the email is so you know why you’re sending it. #mindblown

You also have a clear, easy-to-find view of the top menu that shows you your audience (subscribers), your forms, and your workflows (sequences/automation) in plain English. There’s no need to break out an email marketing manual to figure out what things mean.

Reason #2

The visual builder = pretty emails in no time.

I like sending pretty emails because it inspires my audience to stop, read, and actually get the value that I put so much energy into creating for them.

With Flodesk, I get to create the most stunning emails I’ve ever done in just a few minutes, and I mean minutes.

I’m talking some real 21st century design features like adding your Instagram posts to your emails so you can leverage your IG content. I’m talking, being able to edit header text and email signatures with girl boss worthy script fonts without having to open up Canva. Not once.

One thing that I really hated with Convertkit was the sad, drab emails I was forced to create because I would have to take an entire coding class to actually make it pretty. Say it with me sister, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Even with some of the recent updates that Convertkit made, I just still wasn’t happy paying $50/month. I was stuck with lower open rates and a buggy new email editor that was just a stone’s throw from the cookie-cutter, boring, corporate looking emails that were once created in its legacy editor.

The Flodesk email templates are ahhh-mazing and you can even fully customize your own templates without having to learn code.

I hated that with Convertkit. After making the switch, my emails already look more high-end and my deliverability is awesome now. Not to mention the fact that they ask you what the goal of your email is when you sit down to create one.

Smart, right?

Reason # 3

You still get amazing analytics.

With Flodesk the analytics are so easy to read and understand in plain English! You can look at your analytics and take action to better connect with your tribe right on your next email. – No email strategy overhaul necessary.

You can visually see your metrics on each email you’ve sent as well as the open rates, click rate, deliverability, and type of device the email was viewed on for each subscriber.

Reason # 4

Unlimited everything for one affordable monthly rate.

With other email marketing tools the more you grow your list, and the more subscribers you have, the more you pay. Not with Flodesk.
Want to grow past 2000 subscribers? Shoot for the stars with Flodesk because you won’t be penalized for growing.

Flodesk is $38 a month for everything, unlimited. Creating on-brand emails with really great analytics at such a low cost has literally blown me away! They’re giving their beta members (peeps like me) a chance to offer you 50% off of your subscription so you can lock in your rate at $19 a month forever.

You read that right. Not just 50% off your first month. I’m talking 50% off your monthly subscription forever. I’m sure this beta rate won’t last for long so, I say get that discount while you can with code: superwoman

I want to personally invite you to subscribe to my email list, get access to my freebies, and see just how amazing these emails look and feel in action. Each week I send a tip, a tool, or a tutorial so you can get things done with less stress.

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