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With 16+ years of creative online entrepreneurship and a Bachelor’s in Fine Art,Mariana is the creative genius behind Desk & Design. A  story-driven branding, copywriting, and web design studio for fine artists.

She created Desk & Design out of a desire to amplify art and to show artists how to make more out of what they do best.

The way she interacts with people as a whole showed me just how much she deserved for her systems to match her beautiful spirit for providing great service. 

Mariana Durst

brand & Web designer

Saving 10+ hours per month.

When we started our project Mariana really wanted was focused on overcoming her main daily work challenges. Here's what she had to say about her challenges before we worked together:

"I was spending way too much time onboarding clients for my signature course. I needed to optimize and automate so that I could win back all the time and mental load of the process. 

I was already paying and using Dubsado, and I knew that there was so much more that I could do, but I just didn't have the skills or time to do it."

Mariana's Goals


We setup workflows with ready to use canned emails, form templates, and automation inside of Dubsado. We went through each of her existing email templates and made updates to ensure that her clients were educated about the process and and supported throughout. Yes. We wrote and customized each and every email to her business. 

We also designed her a discovery call notes form in Dubsado so she could have a sales script to follow during her sales calls so she could convert clients with ease. We also designed a new improved proposal to help her convert new clients after her discovery calls so that her new prospective clients would know that hiring her was a no brainer. 

Her onboarding process is seamless with a 14-step automation in Zapier that creates her client folders, documents, and forms all in one Google folder. That's hours save each month on client onboarding!

What I Did


Mariana's proposal was such an important piece of the project. So to ensure that her proposal would convert new prospective leads in to clients, We designed her proposals with the following features:

1) An eye-catching header image & welcome message area to share her excitement about working with her clients.

2) A how-it-works section so she could easily educate her client about her framework. 

3) Sections for the client to choose their package and add-ons followed by an animated testimonial area. 

4) An FAQ section to overcome client objections so she could see more accepted proposals, and less "I've got questions" emails from clients at the booking phase.

Proposal Design


Here's what Mariana had to say after her experience: 

"After a period of growth in my service-based business, I knew that it was time to optimize my signature offer, when I found myself spending so much time doing those tasks I repeat when a new client signs on. I wanted to automate, but retaining the high-touch feel was absolutely important. 

When we met, it was obvious that Krystal is a brilliant expert that not only knows Dubsado but is highly fluent in many other systems. I decided to hire her right away and I knew that I could rest easy now that this important part of my business was in her hands.

Krystal is supremely organized and what she delivered was even more than what I was initially envisioning. Rather than stopping at the on-boarding process, Krystal also helped me automate some tasks in the fulfillment, communication, and off-boarding of my service! She tackled a very complex connection using Zapier that gave me even more time.

She literally gave me an employee that's working for me 24/7! I cannot wait to work with her again on my other services and have recommended her far and wide."

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As the founder of Alicia Leigh Photography, Alicia is a heartfelt personal brand photographer for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners in Austin, TX. 

She helps clients up-level their brand visuals and attract their target audience through beautifully branded photographs that speak to who they are and what they bring to their offers. Through a heart-centered and personally tailored brand session experience, she helps clients rebuild the confidence they need to show up authentically in life and business and begin standing out online.

Alicia Rios

Brand Photographer

When we first started to work together, Alicia knew exactly what she wanted her systems to help her accomplish. She wanted to: 

1) Take on more client work without worry and free up her time so she could focus on other things in her business to grow and raise her prices.

2) Get repeat clients into a membership down the line and possibly build a referral program.

3) Deliver a seamless and amazing experience to all of her clients every single time so that they're raving fans and feel totally taken care of.

She was manually triggering things, making appointments, adjusting things, and trying to apply one vague workflow to multiple different projects. These manual tasks were definitely stealing her time and she was always worried something was going to slip through the cracks. She didn't have peace of mind.

Alicia's Goals


We setup workflows with ready to use canned emails, form templates, and automation inside of Dubsado. We went through her client experience and create a ton of client resources to help her service her clients. We created client facing materials like: a client welcome guide, a style guide with a shoot mood board, a shoot timeline, client feedback form. and more!

We also organized their packages, schedulers, and payment plans in Dubsado too!

Did we mention beautiful redirect pages too?

When a client completes Alicia's contact form, they are redirected to a stunning web page that educates them about what happens next in the experience. 

What I Did


When designing client facing materials for Alicia, it was very important to make sure everything was going to be on brand with her new website that was launching soon. Here are just a few of the forms we designed for Alicia:

1) Stunning proposals for her signature brand photography packages.

2) One of our favorite forms was the brand style guide because it showcased a fab mood board to inspire the client and share ideas with them for what to wear to their shoot.

3) Created a brand session guide so that she could give her clients a play-by-play of the session timeline, props, and things to wear during each planned scene.

Workflow Designs


Here's what Alicia had to say after her experience: 

"I'm so glad I hired Krystal to help me streamline my business and improve my Dubsado workflows and systems. I had become so busy in my business that I was constantly falling behind and failing to do the things I knew needed my attention on the back-end to set myself up for success. I couldn't do it all anymore and I was looking for relief and improvement. Not only did she help me beautify my forms, emails, and workflows -- she also helped me reimagine some of the tasks I was doing manually so that I could free up more of my time for the things that really mattered and make my life all around easier.

She combined my multiple calendars into one and taught me things I didn't even know Dubsado could do. But my favorite part is that now I have confidence in my system and all the forms that are client-facing. My clients are still well-taken care of and now I'm more taken care of too! She basically saved me from myself. Thank you so much!"

Testimonial & Feedback

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Rukayatu “Ruky” Tijani is a Trademark Attorney and the Founder, Creator, and Chief Esquire Officer of Firm for the Culture.

Ruky founded the Firm for the Culture after years of serving as an intellectual property attorney in the Silicon Valley Office of the top litigation firm in the country.

Firm for the Culture was born out of Ruky’s passion for the law, social impact, social entrepreneurship, and strategically scaling to create sustainable change. 

Ruky Tijani

trademark attorney

Ruky had some pretty awesome boss lady goals when we first started her business transformation with systems. She wanted to:

1) Use the most of Dubsado's automations and workflow triggers.

2) Set up a way that allows clients to pay her with lawpay through Dubsado without manual labor.

3) Deliver a consistent client experience for each of her trademark clients so that can make more impact with their genius.

4) Create a consistent brand across her workflows and client experience materials.

Ruky's Goals


We setup workflows with ready to use canned emails, form templates, and automation inside of Dubsado. We went through each of her existing email templates and made updates to ensure that her clients were educated about the process and what to expect at each step of their experience. Yep. We wrote new emails wherever they were needed too.

We designed her a new improved proposal to help her convert new clients after discovery calls. We also designed every form she needed for her trademark experience and designed a client portal to match.

We didn't stop there. We
 went into her Squarespace website and made updates so that her website experience matched the experience her clients would receive through her workflows.

We even organized her packages, schedulers, and payment plans in Dubsado too!

What I Did


Ruky wanted her workflow and client facing materials to be cohesive, on brand, and packed with information that educated her client as the made their decision to work with her over the competition. When designing her proposal we included:

1) Eye-catching Canva templates that she can update at anytime. 

2) Provided details for the client about how the  works. 

3) Infused all the details about her trademark package, pricing, and next steps.

Proposal Design


Here's what Ruky had to say after her experience: 

"Krystal has not only become my amazing workflow ninja, she's become a friend. Through our time together, I was empowered not only to think about robust an effective workflows and processes to serve my clients, but to be a better boss, friend, and leader. Krystal is dynamically encouraging and wicked smart. She was easily one of the best investments I made into myself and my business."

"I've gotten space and time to simply serve my clients instead of consistently having to think about getting certain documents to them!" She also mentions that it's been AMAZING being able to train her staff to simply work through and edit portions of amazing workflows too. 

During our project Ruky and I became such great friends. We have monthly coffee chats and even joke about create a podcast from our chats because they are so good. I'm so honored she chose me and so happy about the results she experiences from my work each and every day. 

Testimonial & Feedback

words of thanks

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